Old Versions

VersionRelease dateDescriptionSource code size (Game+AI)
0.0/0.121-May-99 The very first C-evo version, released 9 months after I started working on this project. Seemed to me most of the work was done. (Really!) The game is basically playable and already contains a lot of the features you know from current versions: random map generator, units, movement, combat, cities, terrain improvement, production of units and buildings, science including military research, the supervisor mode, the AI module interface and a simple Standard AI. However, city improvements, wonders and unit features have no effect. There's no manual and saving games is not possible. And, of course, there are all those small lacks that made up years of work in the end.
(Download. Concerning the graphics, this version is not exactly the original version 0.0. I had to replace several of the former game graphics by equivalents from later versions due to legal considerations.)
0.213-Jul-99 Save capability added. 223k+6k
0.319-Oct-99 This version brings special units and transports. (Original posting)
Later 0.3.x versions add the unit go-to and PNG support.
0.44-Feb-00 Implements corruption, deployment, pollution, all city improvement effects and all unit commands. Also features an improved world generator with rivers and a more realistic terrain distribution. Last version with old architecture (interface module separated from executable). (Original posting) 354k+14k
0.57-Oct-00 First version with in-game manual. City types introduced. Wonders, difficulty levels and many of the unit features have no effect yet. (Original posting)
Following 0.5.x versions bring a new architecture with integrated interface (no more need for VCL40 runtime library).
0.623-Feb-01 Difficulty levels and all wonders are effective now. First version with everything contained in the game really working, but the game still has no end. The technology tree becomes completely different from Civ II.
(Download. Concerning the graphics, this version is not exactly the original version 0.6. There were still some legally dubious items in that I had to replace.)
Later 0.6.x versions add future technologies, charts and sound support. It's finally possible now to erase cities.
0.710-Oct-01 Short description for a long work: Diplomacy enabled! (Original posting) 640k+40k
0.821-Apr-02 This version brings several fundamental changes. The unit movement follows new rules. Technology tree and special resources have been redesigned to make up true ages, ending up in the quest of space -- you can win the game now! Fighting-the-small-city-strategy Part I: The Civ II system of city size and feeding is replaced by the C-evo system known from the current version. (Original posting)
AI tournament mode added in 0.8.2.
0.93-Aug-02 The first fine-tuning version. Several minor rules changes and interface improvements done. Fighting-the-small-city-strategy Part II: Setllers have to work now to build a city. (Original posting)
Custom maps plus map editor follow with 0.9.2.
0.1017-Nov-02 Another fine-tuning version with a lot of corrections. Introduces Anarchy. Still very poor, mainly random AI. Fighting-the-small-city-strategy Part III: Trade resources increased and improvement costs reworked. (Original posting) 778k+41k
0.118-Mar-03 This version comes with a much better nation territory system. (Original posting) 803k+42k
0.1223-Jul-03 Unit design concept reworked: No more super-fast super-attackers, no more special gadgetry. Several other rules modifications. Fighting-the-small-city-strategy Part IV: City food storage is now of constant size. (Original posting) (Download) 854k+37k
0.1316-Mar-04 Some fine tuning. Covert operations introduced. Intended to be the rules freeze version. (Original posting) (Download)
0.13.2 is the first version containing the AI development kit.
0.147-Nov-04 Some more fine tuning and interface improvement. (Original posting) (Download)
0.14.3 brings MP3 support and integrates 1 MB of MP3 sounds into the installer.
AI is becoming better - 0.14.6 is actually the first C-evo version in which you can really lose a game.
1.021-May-06 Exactly 7 years after the first release: Version 1.0. (Original posting) (Download) 1115k+227k
1.126-May-08 First version to honestly consider newbies. Comes with several modifications in order to be easier understandable without the manual. Introduces automatic population management. Morale replaces happiness. 1198k+227k