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Abgeschickt von Steffen Gerlach am 19 Oktober, 1999 um 21:30:06

Released 0.3.0 today. Changes to 0.2.1 are:

- Several city improvements made effective: Aqueduct, Sewer System,
Dockyard, Airport, City Walls, Coastal Fortress, SAM Missile Battery.
- Transport ships, carriers and transport aircrafts are working now.
- Special units become available: Engineers, Caravans, Freight,
Diplomats and Spies (the latter two still without function but).
- Unit draft with preview.
- More intelligent unit picture selection:
- submarine, transport, carrier and bomber detection
- no picture selected twice, if possible
- Utilize command introduced, which allows "recycling" of old units for new
city projects.
- An options submenu provides some switches:
- Wait at End of Turn
- Show Enemy Moves
- Report City Growth
- Shade Unobserved Areas
- Start Fullscreen
- AI improved (though still weak, of course).
- The AI sources are completely new structured. Low-level function is now
hidden in the "AIClasses" unit, which the AI programmer doesn't have to
change. Hope AI programming in Delphi has become a little easier so.
(Special AI development manual for Delphi programmers to follow.)
- Some minor bugs fixed.



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