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Abgeschickt von Steffen Gerlach am 04 Februar, 2000 um 00:25:07

Released 0.4.0 today. Changes to 0.3.2 are:

- corruption: loss of trade points, depending on government
- deployment: units not in city/nearby fort cause unhappiness under
republic and democracy
- pollution: much luxury or industry causes tiles to pollute, decreasing
resource output
- rest of the city improvements made effective: Palace, Courthouse, Police
Station, Mass Transit, Recycling Centre, distinction between different
power plants
- rest of the unit commands made effective
- some more unit features implemented: Navigation, Fuel, Bombs, Conscripts
- city support and deployment survey
- improved world generator: more contiguous areas of the same terrain
type, smaller continents
- faster isometry engine
- file size of saved games reduced
- textures look better now (true color)
- several bugs fixed



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