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Abgeschickt von Steffen Gerlach am 06 Oktober, 2000 um 23:40:30

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience. Here's the next step. Above all, this version brings a new AI interface which will allow an easy network game implementaion. Also, the AI does no longer use threads. That came with a lot of substantial changes, so the new version might be a little buggy. We'll see.

More changes are:

- The manual is integrated now.
- I made a completely new city improvement icon set, which is another step away from illegal use of Civ II artwork. All these icons are also available in double size (see Download section).
- Added non-fighting scout units, which do not need development.
- Wonders splitted to Wonders and National Projects (both still without effect).
- The city types for macro management came (known from the last pre-release, that never became a release).
- Minor modifications in the government types, see manual.


PS. Version 5.1 will bring the "Show Enemy Moves" back...


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