Future Units Project

This project is an experiment, I'm not sure if it's going to come out successful. I'd consider it a big gain for the game if it did. It's about the look of the units that are using future technologies. Currently, these units use the same pictures as the last present day units. That doesn't make up a good ambience and is demotivating. Unfortunately, our main source of unit pictures, which is Civ II fan stuff, doesn't help much here because Civ II didn't contain future units. So let's try to help ourself.

In order to maintain the current unit picture standard, we need 4 different pictures for each of the following future unit types:

This is 40 pictures in total, which is a lot. For legal reasons, I'd like all of these pictures to be in the Public Domain. So there are two ways to contribute to this project:

This page is the place to upload the files in either case. The file size limit is 1 MB. If you're going to create pictures, please note the following hints:

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